Sony Bringing Back a Remastered 'MediEvil' in 2018! - Bloody Disgusting
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Sony Bringing Back a Remastered ‘MediEvil’ in 2018!



It’s not Devil May Cry 5, and it certainly wasn’t what we expected. But man, I love it all the same.

At PlayStation Experience, Sony announced that in 2018, they’re bringing back Sir Daniel Fortesque and company in a 4K remaster of their 1998 game, MediEvil! The brief trailer for the game states that more info will be released “soon”, but sadly, we have to wait.

For those in need a of a refresher, the original MediEvil is a hack-and-slash adventure game starring the undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque in his quest to stop the evil sorcerer Zarok and his undead army from conquering the kingdom of Gallowmere.

The game had a fun blend of horror and comedy, and was fairly well-received upon release. It garnered enough sales to warrant a sequel two years later with MediEvil II. After that, the series lay dormant for five years until a re-imagining of the first game was released on the PSP as MediEvil: Resurrection. I for one can’t wait for this remaster.