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‘Devil May Cry 5’ Showing up at E3?!



As Samuel L. Jackson once said, hold onto your butts. And as Brian Glover said, this is Rumour Control. Here are the facts.

So, Devil May Cry 5 has been teased and teased some more for a while now. And with E3 2018 being right around the corner, it seems that we’ve got ourselves another rumour. An Austrian retailer has listed on their website pre-orders for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Devil May Cry 5. There’s even a release date of 2018 to go along with it.

This echoes the previous leaks that occurred with Rage 2 and other games that were listed as pre-orders on Walmart’s website that eventually had Bethesda getting in on the fun.

Of course, Capcom hasn’t said anything about this (yet). But you know that with all the news that we’ve been hearing for months, Sony’s PlayStation conference at E3 on June 11th (6PM PST/9PM EST) will have more than a few people glued to those streams hoping for a sign that Dante is back. Now where are those leaks for the Resident Evil 2 Remake?

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