Limited Edition 'Chopping Mall' Toy Goes Up for Grabs Today - Bloody Disgusting
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Limited Edition ‘Chopping Mall’ Toy Goes Up for Grabs Today



Dan Polydoris, the man behind Death by Toys, is responsible for hand-making some of the most unique custom horror toys we’ve ever seen. We’ve covered his work a few times over the years, highlighting his hilarious The Fog “action figure” as well as his small scale replica of Will’s bike from “Stranger Things.”

He even made a full line of toys based on ’80s slashers!

Polydoris’ latest creation is based on Chopping Mall, the ’86 cult classic wherein murderous high-tech security robots go on a rampage. Yes, Polydoris turned one of the “Killbots” into a retro-style, carded action figure, and it’s up for grabs TODAY.

The catch? Only 25 of the Killbots toys have been made by Polydoris. They’re hitting the Death by Toys online shop at noon CST, and they likely won’t last very long.

Polydoris says the only person who owns one right now is Quentin Tarantino!


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