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Easter Egg in FromSoftware’s ‘Déraciné’ Hints at ‘Bloodborne 2’?



Okay, it’s not quite tinfoil hat time, but with FromSoftware recently releasing mystery adventure game Déraciné for PlayStation VR, some fans have taken a scene in the game to mean that a sequel to the much-loved Bloodborne is not too far off.

Granted, we all thought the Sekiro teaser was meant to be Bloodborne 2 (and even that game looks cool). Then there was that apparent leak by Amazon Italy of Bloodborne 2‘s release date. But this? This is different.

Partway through Déraciné, players will come across a doll that can be picked up and studied. Upon closer inspection, the doll is performing the “Make Contact” gesture from Bloodborne. Further intrigue can be found in the description: “A doll of the stone girl Fiona who appears in the unfinished tale. When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and helps them flee.”

Bloodborne players know that one of the game’s main NPC characters is called The Doll, which is found at Hunter’s Dream. Then there’s the reference to an “unfinished tale”. Does this mean that the story told in Bloodborne isn’t finished?

This could all be FromSoftware messing with fans, but really, given the popularity of Bloodborne, why wouldn’t they make a sequel? I guess we’ll find out sooner or later (or perhaps even before that 2019 release date from Amazon Italy).

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