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‘The Evil Within’ Will Bring Horror Back, Says Mikami

There’s no shortage of exciting horror games coming out over the next year or so, with one of the more highly anticipated titles being the freshly unveiled The Evil Within. We know a good deal about it, even though it’s still a ways off. We know it’s the first game by Tango Gameworks, helmed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. We know it’s coming to current and next-gen consoles sometime next year, courtesy of Bethesda, and that it sounds terrifying. More after the break.

Mikami recently sat down with 4Gamer to chat about the game. “I’d like to make a game that can bring the focus back to the horror aspect of the genre. With those feelings in mind, we were able to shape up what we have today.” Mikami told 4Gamer. He also shared his opinion on what makes survival horror, saying it’s “not about simply fearing the enemy, but you also have a chance to defeat this enemy. This makes it somewhat of a see-saw state from start to finish.”

Hopefully that means that despite The Evil Within’s numerous similarities to Resident Evil 4 — the camera angle and even a few of the enemies — one aspect it won’t share is the feeling of being way overpowered. RE4 was an amazing horror game that still holds up today, but rarely did I enter a situation feeling helpless.

In games like Silent Hill and Fatal Frame, you’re fighting for your life, and that seems to be a feeling Mikami would like to have permeate The Evil Within.

Mikami revealed another interesting tidbit regarding its other title. In Japan, it’s called PsychoBreak, and apparently that’s because “the game is about surviving in a world full of psychos and the goal is to break through such a world. Thus, the name PsychoBreak, where the word ‘Psycho’ is relative to horror and ‘Break’ is to survival.” That sure is literal.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s really good news. I’m so excited for this. Gotta have this game in my mouth.

    • Adam Dodd

      Good luck with that, because it’ll be in MY MOUTH.

      • djblack1313

        guys, you can SHARE the mouth time. 🙂

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i’m so pumped for this game. i hate to get my hopes up but it’s hard not to when you have Mikami + Survival Horror + Bethesda. that’s a fantastic combination!

    • Skull-And-Crossbones

      also, i wonder if that ‘PsychoBreak’ game has anything to do with the ‘Endless Summer’ thing that was leaked a little while ago.

  • Cichy

    I agree with you Adam. The survival aspect is what made the first RE games so great. I remember reloading saves because I though I used up more bullets than I had to. Or shooting enemies and switching to a knife to finish them off to preserve ammo. Those games were difficult and kept you on the edge of the seat. Unfortunately games like that dont sell too many copies in our world of quick time events and instant respawns. I still have hope for it since Capcom isnt involved.

    • ktn

      LOL! i still do this with half-life(now black mesa for me), even if its not necessary, but that quick load/save thing surely is a temptation.

      Back to horror survival… i always reload silent hill 2(playing on hard difficult) if maria gets attacked by anything, otherwise PH kills her easily on that chasing(one of the most thrilling i’ve experienced on game). I miss that kind of difficulty too, where you have to concentrate on a lot of things at the same time, not only creepy enemies.

  • TheDeadman19

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