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‘Paranormal’ Expansion Kickstarter Campaign A Huge Success

Well, will you look at that. I have some horror news that isn’t related to E3. That sure is nice.

The Kickstarter campaign for Matthew Cohen’s indie horror game Paranormal: The Town ended earlier today after more than doubling its funding goal. That’s amazing news for indie horror fans, but it’s especially exciting seeing as I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time with the game — you can find my playthroughs here, here, and here. It’s still the scariest game I’ve played this year.

The Town will be a free expansion for those who purchased Paranormal that has enough content to warrant calling it a sequel. It will come with an entire town to explore, complete with the randomly generated scares that make this game so unpredictably terrifying. We’ll get a new character to control, new gameplay mechanics, and a unique story that will be related to the original game. No word on a release date, hopefully we’ll hear more about that in the near future.

Paranormal is currently trying to get distribution on Steam Greenlight, you can support it here.

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