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[Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘Insanity’ Is Now The Scariest Indie Horror Game I’ve Ever Played

Remember when I said Paranormal was the scariest game I’ve played this year? I meant it. It’s a great, unpredictable horror game, but unfortunately, it has been dethroned. Not only is Insanity scarier — to me — than Paranormal, it’s now officially the scariest indie horror game I’ve ever played.

I haven’t been so nervous playing a horror game since my first stab at Amnesia back in 2010. The fact that this little gem, which reminds me of the early Silent Hill games, was crafted by such a small team makes its ability to instill terror so deeply into my bones all the more impressive. Watch me lose my mind after the break.

By the way, while both videos are great, things don’t get really scary until about halfway through the first video. As for the second video, well, that’s where things get real.

Did you know you can subscribe to BDTV for more videos like this, because you totally can (and probably should). If you’d prefer to play Insanity for yourself, you can get it here.

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