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‘Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition’ Confirmed, Free For PS Plus Members

And now its official. Sony has confirmed that developer Housemarque’s excellent top-down zombie shoot ’em up will indeed be coming to the PS4 on March 4. More than that however, is the news that it will be free for all PS Plus subscribers and it will be joined by a slew of other exciting freebies.

The Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will bring with it updated visuals and controls, as well as a “sweet interactive broadcast mode” that utilizes the PS4’s Twitch streaming features to let your viewers vote to decide your fate in-game.

That’s not all! March will be a good month to be a PS Plus member, as PS3 owners will also get Tomb Raider, Thomas Was Alone, and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut, and Unit 13 and Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite will be made available for free on the PS Vita.

It’s almost as if Sony is trying to capture my heart, because when it comes to free horror games, right now, the PS4 is where it’s at. Last month, Red Barrels’ fantastic horror game Outlast was free for PS Plus subscribers, and now this. If Sony keeps this going, they’re going to spoil us.

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  • djblack1313

    ok, i admit i’m not a gamer and yes, i’m “ancient” (Qbert, Frogger were more my arcade games. lol) but is it just me or is everything happening in this game (at least this footage) WAY too fast, so fast it’s almost too difficult to tell what’s going on? LOL.

    Adam that was you playing the game, right? how the hell can you tell what’s going on? LOL. i do and i don’t like the far away above POV used here. it reminds me (in a good way) of WORLD WAR Z’s above shot POV showing the swarms of zombies but at the same time it makes it a bit too hard to tell what’s going on. god, i feel old. 🙂

    • weresmurf

      I hadthis on ps3 and it rocked. The action is fast but its a twitch shooter. Its highly playable and very fun. We just got our ps4 and ps+ so cant wait to get this!!!

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