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“The Walking Dead” Returns in February; Watch a Preview Teaser

“The Walking Dead” Returns in February; Watch a Preview Teaser

Naturally, you will find Season 8 spoilers within this post.

After last night’s mid-season finale, we can pretty much guarantee that “The Walking Dead” is going to be making a devastating return next year. We saw at the end of the episode that Carl had been bitten by a zombie earlier in the season, but it won’t be until the second half of Season 8 that we really begin to feel the weight of his loss.

Carl, after all, isn’t yet dead. But his time is extremely limited.

When “The Walking Dead” returns in February, the war between Rick and Negan continues, and you can expect that Rick is no longer taking shit from anybody. Not that he’s been in much of a shit-taking mood for quite some time now, but the death of his son is sure to set Rick on a warpath the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Check out the teaser for the back half of Season 8 below.

The series returns to AMC on Sunday, February 25 at 9/8c.



  • DukeStKing

    Waiting for the “I stopped watching this show..” or, “Is this show still on?” comments from all the cool people.

    • scream4ever

      I will still watch this show, though after last night my patience is beginning to wane a bit.

      • DukeStKing

        I get you.

      • Nekrim

        I’m also close to giving up. This show adopts such a fatalistic tone; the “good guys” can’t ever get a break or well deserved victory. Is it really what the die-hard fans of this show enjoy ? Seeing the main characters always get thrown and smeared into shit ?

    • Mister B

      I stopped watching this show. Are other people still watching this crap? Is it still on? I don’t enjoy it, so logically nobody else should. Where are all the zombies ’cause that’s what the show is all about? Did they ever explain what the island was? If Daryl dies, we riot! But the comics? Fuck Gimple! #firegimple I can’t wait until February!!

      • DukeStKing

        Alright! You win!

  • Dennis Giles

    Can’t wait for the speeches and lack of zombies,and piss poor slow lazy scripts !!

    • Marla

      Don’t forget the commercial overkill.

    • Marla

      Don’t forget the commercial overkill.

  • Brad Tyler

    I love this show, always have. Sure, it has it’s issues but I’m hooked. Can’t wait for the return as I thought the mid-season finale was superb. So tense, and for the first time in ages I really felt like anyone could cop it at any time. I really didn’t know who or how but I knew someone was going. Loved it!

  • Necro

    Whatever it takes to light a fire under his ass to get things moving along on this drag of a season I’ll take it! Much like in the writer’s room, they NEED to start going all out in this show!


    The show loses viewers all the time since negan appeared in late season 6 excluding season 7 premiere episode. negan should have been killed since mid season 7.
    if they don’t kill him immediately and if they don’t bring zombies in front as the real villains like they used to be in earlier seasons then the show will be cancelled after a season or two at the most.

    AMC should hire new blood and fire those assholes who transformed the show from a zombie horror to a bull drama-adventure negan shit show.

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