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A Definitive Ranking of All Seven ‘Leprechaun’ Films



Leprechaun : Credit Artistan/Lionsgate

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody! It’s not exactly a horror fan’s dream holiday, but we have been “gifted” with a franchise that uses its very mascot as a villain. While it might be a little cliché to do a post on the Leprechaun films, I figured I’d still give it a shot! Up until this weekend, I had seen every film in the franchise except for the “In The Hood” entries, so I spent my Sunday watching those two in order to form an accurate opinion on the rankings of each film in the series. Let me be clear: I don’t think any of the Leprechaun movies are good, but most of them are entertaining, so without further ado, I give you my rankings of each of the Leprechaun films, from worst to best!

7. Leprechaun: Origins

I actually had high hopes for this film. Call me crazy, but when it was announced I thought it was a great idea. Leprechaun is a perfect candidate for a reboot, and the crew behind this film had the opportunity to make it a truly scary film. Instead, we got a film that ripped off countless other films, barely showed the Leprechaun (or whatever that thing was…it looked like a cross between an Orc and the cave creatures from The Descent), and only had one good death (the spine rip). To make matters worse: it’s boring. I can handle a bad Leprechaun film, but at least make it entertaining. What a disappointment.

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