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10 Underrated Creature Features You Need to See



Creature Feature

Not one but two creature features came out this just past weekend: Zombeavers, about a bunch of zombified beavers attacking college kids on Spring Break, and Backcountry, about a camping couple being stalked by a bear. I’ve seen Zombeavers and I can tell you that it’s hilariously awesome. I’ll be seeking out Backcountry to watch very soon. Creature features are my favorite sub-genre of horror after slasher films (with my soft spot being for aquatic horror…I love those!), so I got to thinking about how creature features are pretty much the least-liked out of all horror genres (mostly thanks to Asylum films and SyFy Original Movies). After a rather extensive search through Wikipedia’s list of “Natural Horror” films (clearly, I’m very thorough with my research), I came across some that I’ve seen that I either a) completely forgot existed and remembered liking or b) really like and feel like I don’t see enough people talk about. Let’s see  what made the cut!

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