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9 Horror Sequels Since 2000 Worth Watching



'Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed'

[tps_header]While we live in a day and age where sequels and reboots/remakes are seemingly around every corner, that doesn’t mean that they’re all bad. In fact, through all the grime and muck of haphazardly put together franchise entries, there are some serious gems that deserve our recognition and love. These are films where the writers, directors, producers, actors, and everyone else realized that they had a solid film to follow and that theirs needed to be able to stand on its own two legs. After all, why make a sequel if you’re not even going to try?

Since sequels are rather reviled these days, I wanted to take a moment to highlight several examples of great sequels that have been released since the turn of the millennium. Therefore, only movies released in or after 2000 count here.

After perusing this list, definitely make sure to leave me a comment with a sequel that you think deserves a spot but that might’ve slipped past me![/tps_header]

10 Cloverfield Lane

Starting off with one from 2016, 10 Cloverfield Lane seemingly came out of nowhere and stunned critics and audiences with its claustrophobic paranoid conspiracy theory story that had an ending that was either “love it” or “hate it”. With a performance from John Goodman that should earn him an Oscar nomination (at least), this film kept audiences on edge from beginning to end.

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