Review: Fatale #2 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: Fatale #2



Let’s face it as far as laws and rules go, the 50’s were a more care free era than what we deal with at this day and age, which makes it an excellent setting for a mystery involving murder, sex ,and crazy cults. Also thrown into the mix, of course, is the pact making monster, because what’s a cult without some sort of demon? Image’s Fatale #2 is the perfect cocktail. Something about demons and the 50s crime era just makes me all tingly inside, and will probably have you shaking in your slacks as well. Read on for the skinny…

fatale2review WRITTEN BY: Ed Brubaker
RELEASE: Available now

Josephine, a Betty Boop gal, finds herself entrenched between her ex-lover and detective Walt Brooker, new lover Hank Raines, a journalist following Brooker’s corruptness and of course the demonic cult. While Raines is cracking open the story on Brooker, the detective is shaking hands with the devil; dying of cancer makes it easy for him to give up the rest of his severely tarnished morality in return for more years on his life. Raines doesn’t know that he’s waist deep in sh*t but he will soon enough judging by the ending, makes me itch to read the next installment.

As technology increases so do the enhancements of graphics in television, movies and comics; blood and gore are much more vivid and dazzling to the eye. When the story takes place at this juncture in time though the more rustic and vintage art and colours from Sean Phillips and Dave Stewart, respectively, makes Fatale come to life. Too often I find now that flash takes precedence over dark and classic shadowing techniques. The moody atmosphere in this book is really works to submerge the reader into the story.

If you’re a fan of murder, vintage settings and classic demon cults, Fatale is right up your alley.


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