Adam’s 5 Least Favorite Horror Games of 2014!
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[Best & Worst ’14] Adam’s 5 Least Favorite Horror Games of 2014!



2014 has been an excellent year for anyone who enjoys a night of spooky gaming, but it’ll almost definitely pale in comparison to the impressive line-up that 2015 has in store for us. It’s a little surprising how good this year has been, since the year that follows the launch of a new console generation usually isn’t very memorable.

As devs learn their way around the new-and-improved platforms, building new engines that take advantage of their ability to do and show more, this has historically been a time for experimentation. That tends to result in a mixed bag of games that lay the groundwork for even better sequels down the road, and while this year has been arguably better than most, that doesn’t mean we didn’t get our fair share of duds. Starting with…

Escape Dead Island

There’s no reason why Escape Dead Island should be as terrible as it is. I’d be impressed with its extreme level of suck had I not been forced to endure four hours playing it for my review. It takes a lot to get me to despise a game, but I despise this game. It’s tedious, unattractive and lazily made.

No more co-op, no more loot, no more weapon crafting, and no more RPG elements means it also loses its sense of progression. So it essentially removes removes everything that makes the Dead Island series so enjoyable.

I’m serious when I say that I struggled for a long time to try and find something good to say about it in my review — I ended up not hating its cel-shaded art style — but even then, that praise is overwhelmed by a mountain of poor decisions that’s left us with a game that only continues the gradual watering down of the post-apocalyptic zombie franchise.

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