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6 Horror Sequels That Got it Right



Unlike movies, where there’s a good chance a sequel won’t live up to its predecessor, video game sequels have a greater chance of not disappointing fans. Better technology, bigger budgets and less work — because the engine, game world and mechanics are already there — can be enough for a studio to churn out a solid sequel, and that’s enough for some people.

There are so many decent and just okay sequels out there that it makes that moment when you realize you’re playing a great one even more special because it built on the foundation of its predecessor in ways you never expected it to.

That’s exactly what these games did, so without further adieu, let’s take a look at 5 Horror Game Sequels That Got it Right!

Dead Space 2


The first Dead Space was brimming with innovative ideas, like its unique take on combat, or strategic dismemberment, and its HUD, which developer Visceral Games made considerably less intrusive and “video gamey” by realistically weaving the interface into the game world. It was a clever idea, and one that’s been used as inspiration by a myriad other developers since.

Dead Space 2 took everything that was special about the original and tweaked it. The controls were less tank-like, the scope was more ambitious, the Necromorphs more horrific, and the Sprawl managed the impressive feat of being more memorable than the USG Ishimura.

Or at least it was until you’re forced to return to the Ishimura.

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