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A Crowdfunded ‘Alan Wake’ Sequel A Definite Possibility

Last week, Remedy unveiled their next project, Quantum Break. It looks great, and it’s always exciting to see new IPs sprout up, especially from beloved developers. Unfortunately, our favorite horror author was nowhere to be seen, that is, until Remedy’s creative director and writer, Sam Lake, confirmed that there is not an Alan Wake in the works right now.

Game Informer recently had the opportunity to sit down with Lake to discuss the studio’s next game, but the most interesting bits come when Lake’s asked whether or not Remedy would consider turning to crowdfunding to get an Alan Wake sequel green-lit. The short answer: yes. More after the break.

“Sure, we’ve talked about that. It’s an option. Obviously, it’s easier for smaller projects. For something huge like a triple-A game, and for our plans for Alan Wake 2 coming out of Alan Wake, was let’s make it much bigger. And then it’s kind of like maybe it would be impossible to reach that way. But sure, it is an option down the line, definitely. Obviously right now we’re fully focused on Quantum Break and really excited. In many ways, looking at Remedy games, it’s a logical step forward and pushing things forward. In a weird way I feel that all of our games more or less share the same world.” Lake told Game Informer.

The first game was a critical and commercial success, but it took a while for it to become the latter. That makes it a little more difficult to get another equally as ambitious game in development, since publishers want to know they’re going to recoup the development/marketing costs.

That’s why crowdfunding is so great, because it gives fans the chance to support the games they want to play, essentially cutting out the need for a publisher altogether. I’m more than willing to throw money at Remedy if it increases our odds of getting a sequel that series deserves. How about you?

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