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Latest “Stranger Things” Tribute Poster Pays Homage to ‘Jaws’

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Upside Down…

Each and every Thursday on the road to Season 2, Netflix has been releasing fun “Stranger Things” posters that pay tribute to the films that served as Season 1 inspirations. So far, the art tributes have included Stand by Me, A Nightmare on Elm StreetRunning ManAlienFirestarter, and The Evil Dead.

This week’s latest tribute poster draws inspiration not from the ’80s, but from the ’70s. Steven Spielberg’s Jaws gets the “Stranger Things” treatment this time around, with the Demogorgon playing the role of the shark and Eleven doubling for its prey.

We’re loving these and we can’t wait to see more!

The second season of “Stranger Things” hits Netflix on October 27.



  • llcc1103

    snore… this is getting annoying now. Try something original please.

    • J Jett

      as much as i love this show i think these “homage” posters promoting season 1 again are very lazy/uninspired.

  • Jay Bennett

    The marketing teams gonna have a crisis when they run out of a-list 80s movies for season 3 posters

  • gary

    Doesn’t this look more like Tremors?

  • Bri7seven

    At first look it reminded more me of the Tremors poster.

    • Ferran Luengo

      Yeah, I thought that too but the font is like the one used on JAWS so…

      • Bri7seven

        Take the title out of both posters and see which one its still similar to. The layout feels more Tremors.

        • Ferran Luengo

          That’s why I thought first of Tremors. (^_^; )

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