5 Reasons Why Canceling 'Silent Hills' Makes No Sense
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5 Reasons Why Canceling ‘Silent Hills’ Makes No Sense



Devastating news came about yesterday as it was confirmed that Silent Hills is officially cancelled. The title was easily among the most hyped and anticipated upcoming games, regardless of genre. When the P.T. demo was beaten for the first time and the surprise reveal exposed, the internet exploded with glee and wonder. I personally hadn’t seen anything like it in years. It was a truly magical moment for every Silent Hill fan, seeing our beloved franchise resonate with so many people.

But now that excitement has turned to despair and we’re left simply wondering, “Why?” What possible reason could have come up that resulted in the canceling of a title that would’ve sold through the roof?

While the official reason might not come out for a little while, I’ve put together several reasons why it makes no sense for Konami to have pulled the plug on Silent Hills. Read on and let me know in the comments your thoughts, your theories, your feelings, whatever. If you just want to vent and rant a bit to let it all out, go for it. We’re all in a state of mourning.

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