5 Reasons Why Canceling 'Silent Hills' Makes No Sense
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5 Reasons Why Canceling ‘Silent Hills’ Makes No Sense



2. They had Guillermo del Toro

Do we even need to discuss how much horror fans adore this guy? His movies are not only thoroughly entertaining, they are also some of the most imaginative pieces of work that come out of Hollywood.

No one knew what his exact role for Silent Hills was but there was speculation that he was going to be in charge of creating the designs for all the monsters. Again, if you’ve seen his movies, you know just how perfect that would’ve been. His creature designs are a fantastic mixture of beauty and terror, which is exactly what Silent Hill demands. Think of the hand-eye creature from Pan’s Labyrinth. Or what about the Angel Of Death from Hellboy 2? These are perfect examples of enemies that would’ve been perfect in the Silent Hill universe.

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