5 Reasons Why Canceling 'Silent Hills' Makes No Sense
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5 Reasons Why Canceling ‘Silent Hills’ Makes No Sense



4. P.T. was a viral sensation

You, the BD readers, voted and awarded P.T. as the scariest game of 2014 in our annual FEAR awards. It also received critical acclaim from all over, with many reviewers praising the graphics, the claustrophobic atmosphere, the hypnotic immersion, and the brilliant sound design.

It also became a test amongst friends. “How long could you play it before throwing in the towel?” “Watch these reactions of people playing P.T.!”

The playable teaser was downloaded well in excess of a million times, which is a truly impressive number when you think about it. Silent Hill: Downpour, which I personally loved, didn’t sell nearly that many copies, at least according to VG Chartz, which posts around 730,000 units shipped.

If P.T. could drum up over a million downloads in such a short period of time, just think what the actual full game could’ve done. Even the name “Playable Teaser” meant that players were only getting a small taste of what was to come. It would be very difficult for many people to resist the full meal after getting the appetizer.

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