[From Worst To Best] The Music Videos Of Marilyn Manson
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Ranking Marilyn Manson’s Music Videos!



Running To The Edge Of The World – Dir. Nathan Cox & Marilyn Manson

While I can appreciate the more intimate style of video they were going for here, it just feels wildly out of place to see Manson so forlorn and dejected. In another way, it almost feels lazy, as though a ballad like this could only be done by showing Manson desperately cling to a lacy curtain, looking like he’s about to write poetry while listening to The Cure. Additionally, how long can we expect to stare at Manson lip sync his own song? Sorry, this one really does nothing for me.

The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles – Dir. Francesco Carrozzini

What a boring video. It’s amazing to think of the videos that Manson created in the past, ones that had incredible sets, gorgeous costumes, and beautifully grotesque visuals. To go from that to this plodding, repetitious snoozefest is a shame. It’s not the worst of his videos but, in my opinion, it’s right there at the bottom. I wish there were better.

Lunchbox – Dir. Richard Kern

I don’t know what this video is supposed to try and convey. A bunch of kids at a skating rink, themes of bullying, and a kid putting makeup onto Manson. I feel like this was trying to be edgy but it comes off more as crying for attention.

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