[From Worst To Best] The Music Videos Of Marilyn Manson
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Ranking Marilyn Manson’s Music Videos!



Sweet Dreams – Dir. Dean Karr

I know I’m going to get crucified for this but I always felt like this video just tried too hard. The broken down house? The rotting walls, graffiti covered walls, and disheveled appearance of each member just made me roll my eyes. The parts that were interesting were when Manson was walking along a broken fence and it was filmed like a documentary. Or how about that weird three-horned hat thing? And certainly the strange watch covered hairdo that made great usage of red against green coloring. Those were interesting to see and yet very little focus was given to them. What a shame.

Rock Is Dead – Dir. Marilyn Manson

This video reminds of me the pop metal videos of the 80’s, where a band would be playing on the stage but there wasn’t any audience. Same thing here, except it’s a big more polished, a bit more vibrant, and definitely more exciting. If this was meant to give a taste for what fans could expect in concert, it definitely set the right mood! However, as an overall music video, it’s rather plain.

Disposable Teens – Dir. Samuel Bayer

The video is incredibly dark and gothic in comparison to its anthemic sound, using visuals that resemble frightening artwork from the 18th and 19th centuries. Again, the song and video don’t exactly match for the majority of the time, leaving me to wonder if this video would’ve been better suited for one of the more emotionally driven tracks.

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