[From Worst To Best] The Music Videos Of Marilyn Manson
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Ranking Marilyn Manson’s Music Videos!



Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has long been one of the most controversial figures in music. His lyrics, visual aesthetics, music videos, and more have been the focus of much scrutinization by the media and concerned parents. And, for many of us, it is precisely this attention that has drawn such interest. That and some seriously rocking tunes over the years.

Manson has made quite the comeback over the past year, releasing a new album in the form of The Pale Emperor and gearing up for a national tour this summer with Smashing Pumpkins!

To celebrate these accomplishments, we’re going to take a look at Manson’s music videos throughout the years, of which there are a staggering 33! And you best believe that we took the time to look through each one and ranked them all! Check out our list ahead and see if your list matches ours!

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