[From Worst To Best] The Music Videos Of Marilyn Manson
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Ranking Marilyn Manson’s Music Videos!



Antichrist Superstar – Dir. E. Elias Merhige

So, this one has an interesting story. Technically, the “official” video is a live performance clip. However, Merhige, after shooting the video for “Cryptorchid” wanted to shoot a video for the album’s title track. After putting everything together it was ultimately shelved by Interscope never to see the light of day. Well, that is until it got leaked to YouTube in 2010.

(s)AINT – Dir. Asia Argento

While he was always nightmarish in other videos, there was a clean and organized look to Manson. In stark contrast here, Manson appears to be dirty and disheveled, more human and more raw. But perhaps most intriguing is how vulnerable he appears, how rock bottom his character looks. It’s a daring move and I have to give it props.

Man That You Fear – Dir. W.I.Z.

A retelling of Shirley Jackson’s famous short story “The Lottery”, this video is also said to have been inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre. It’s different from other Manson videos in that it eschews the overtly surreal and creepy for something more cerebral and also more linear. An actual story is told her rather than a collection of images. It also shows Manson in a more “normal” and sympathetic role. Simply for these reasons it’s more interesting than many others.

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