[From Worst To Best] The Music Videos Of Marilyn Manson
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Ranking Marilyn Manson’s Music Videos!



Get Your Gunn – Dir. Rod Chong

Interesting imagery coupled with a very young and surprisingly tame looking Manson. Still, it’s nothing special that wasn’t really any different from other videos of that era.

The Fight Song – Dir. W.I.Z. & Marilyn Manson

While I understand what Manson was going for with this video, I never liked it. I always thought it was boring, seemed wildly out of place, and, until this day, was never able to watch the whole thing. It resonates a bit more now but I’m still not convinced.

Apple Of Sodom – Dir. Joseph F. Cultice

This is one of those videos that is so iconically from the early to mid 90’s. The out of focus moments, the strange, sinister imagery, the strong usage of colors to highlight the different vignettes. It’s a pretty video but it doesn’t have a story or feel radically different from other videos of that era, such as from Soundgarden, Tool, Alice In Chains, etc…

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