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[BEST & WORST ’12] The Worst Trailers Of The Year!

If you’re reading this, perhaps you read my post about the year’s best trailers. Now it’s time to bring the hammer down on the worst. Like I’ve said before, marketing is an art form, and it’s just as eligible for appraisal as the product its selling.

The majority of these are from correspondingly awful movies, but occasionally you get that rare nugget of a trailer that’s actually for a good movie that it can’t seem to sell it at all. We’ve got a couple of those in here as well.

Head inside for the worst trailers of the year (in no particular order)!

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To be fair, whoever cut this didn’t have much to work with. But still, they could have gone with a “less is more” approach. They manage to show you the whole movie in 2 minutes yet it still feels like the entire 90.


Total Recall wasn’t the worst movie of the year, but it was bland, boring and mainly consisted of Colin Farrell jumping onto things. This trailer is actually fairly accurate, perhaps they should have lied to us.


I really loved Detention but the movie was impossible to sell. There’s no way to give any indication of what the experience is like without seeing the entire movie. The trailer makes it look cloying and the jokes land with a thud, proving that with some films context is everything. You can’t blame the person who made this trailer, they had an impossible job.


It’s just like the movie, but without the “Wes Bentley goes to get soup for his mom” subplot that kept me hanging on during the theatrical experience.


A movie so bad they could only find 34 seconds of stuff to put in the trailer. It’s also strange that they’d go with the “you’re in the wrong f*cking theater” angle since this was a direct to DVD/Blu release.


I’m still holding out hope that World War Z is fantastic. It totally could be (and trailers for movies like this notoriously have unfinished CGI in them). But man this thing landed with a thud. It stripped the mystique away from this legendarily troubled project without giving us anything to chew on in return.


Thanks for these, FX. Good show though!!


I know a lot of you dig this one, but all it really tells me is “Van Helsing meets Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Which is not what I wanted to hear.


Seriously, did this convince any of you to see this movie? If so, please let me know why. Legit question.


This is made all the more painful by the fact that it’s directed by Dario freakin’ Argento.


  • djblack1313

    no shock over Argento. i AM shocked that anyone is surprised that this movie/trailer looks abysmal! lol. he really hasn’t made a good film in many years. IMO.

    i loved the WWZ trailer. yes some of the CGI wasn’t finished but i was (VERY VERY VERY much to my surprise!) blown away by what i saw. since it has (it seems) almost nothing to do with the book i don’t think it should be called WWZ though. but the trailer “WOW’d!!” me.

    • Aaron Emery

      If you take into account the number of films Argento has done the majority weren’t very good or were awful. He has done great work, ie. SUSPIRIA, DEEP RED, but most are garbage.

      • djblack1313

        Aaron, i agree! much of Argento’s work has been pretty bad.

  • Zombie-Killa

    I like Rose McGowan, that’s a good enough reason for me to watch Rosewood Lane. Although, I still haven’t seen it yet. lol.

    For me, the House At The End Of The Street trailer wasn’t terrible. Hell, it’s more scary and frightening than the actual movie.

  • EvanDickson

    Good point!

  • Seriously? A fucking ad for Texas Chainsaw for EVERY trailer I click on? I don’t want to watch this remake of a remake of a remake……. even once.

  • anezka

    Seriously, what is that (terrible) CGI fire in Argento’s trailer? And, by the way, aren’t there enough versions of Dracula?

  • ThunderDragoon

    World War Z looks fucking terrible. Will not be going to see that.

  • deandean1990

    Wondering why they completely used the Suspiria theme song for the Rosewood Lane trailer.

  • deandean1990

    I cherish Argento and his older classic films, but I think he lost his touch a long time ago.

  • Justen

    The trailer for World War Z has so much CGI and it just seems like a random, unwanted zombie movie that’s being shoved down our throats.

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