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[BEST & WORST ’13] The Best Posters Of the Year!

Posters, when done right, are an art form. Sure, they’re advertisements, but they’re also such a great artistic challenge. Representing the identity of a movie – and getting people in the door – with a single image? That’s tough. Rendering that image in a manner that resembles actual artwork (or something you’d hang on your wall)? Even tougher.

I get why it goes wrong sometimes. Whenever a sh*tty poster hits a lot of people blame the artist, but they’re not the only ones at fault. Studio marketing departments emphasize their perception of the film’s commercial assets – often sacrificing a compelling key art campaign in the process. Today we celebrate the posters that made it out alive, the ones with flair.

Some of them are for great films and and others are merely great posters for “okay” films. And some of these movies haven’t even come out yet, but their posters have – rendering them fair game. Head inside and click on their banners to check ’em out!

Mr. Disgusting (Best/Indie) | Evan Dickson (Best) | The Wolfman (Festival Favorites) | Patrick Cooper (Best)
Lonmonster (Best/Worst) | Lauren Taylor (Best/Worst) | Ryan Daley (Best Novels)
Best Posters | Best Performances | Best Trailers | Best Albums

Maniac had a ton of posters but, even though this one isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some of the others, this is my favorite. It gets closer than the others to capturing the perfume-y neon hellscape that is the film.

I’m including two posters for this one, one the “official” posters as well as one of the viral posters (by extension you could include the Temptation and A Big Wedding viral posters). Both are inventive and fun, like the movie itself (some of the other official materials didn’t really sell the “fun” aspect).

This thing is beautiful, and it captures the psychotic “Wes Anderson goes mad” aesthetic preciousness of the film.

Almost Human

A great old-school style poster that would have looked great on a Blockbuster shelf in the 80’s. Incidentally, if you picked up the movie itself from a Blockbuster shelf in the 80’s you wouldn’t be disappointed.

I had fun with World War Z, but I think this poster is sort of ironic since it possesses restraint – something the movie didn’t really have.

A truly great piece of marketing that harkens back to the days when movies promised something on their posters, whether they could deliver it or not.



  • djblack1313

    Evan, LOL. i was about to ask why you had a wrong poster for YOU’RE NEXT up but then i saw the almost subliminal vision of the killer. LOL.

    tbh, i really don’t care for these subliminal type posters for the movie. i much prefer the straight up animal mask overtly visual posters for the flick. they were gorgeous. and i must say, even though i mostly enjoyed the movie in theaters, i am finding i’m liking the movie more and more with each viewing.

    i wasn’t crazy about the EVIL DEAD poster (i love the movie though) but if i had to choose i like the blood red version of the one you posted above.

    the WWZ poster i completely love (i hated the one of Pitt overlooking the burning city) just like i love the movie.

    • doomas10

      The poster for WWZ was one of the best posters of all time. Simple and effective. You are next, is a great poster too!

  • undertaker78

    Pretty good list. My favorite by far is Almost Human. It’s totally classic ’80s. WWZ is pretty cool too.

  • Kane Soto

    that evil dead poster is as shit as the movie was

  • Taboo

    I was surprised not to see The Conjuring’s poster on here.

  • jaxx367

    The Evil Dead poster was awsome and really unexpected. Looks so brutal & definetly one of the best posters for a horror movie in long time!!

  • Samhain2010

    These are all really nice. My two favorites have to be “Almost Human” and “Maniac.”

  • CaptainHowdee

    I’m glad to see the Evil Dead poster make this list! Also, while I agree Maniac had a great poster, I thought this version of it was better, in my opinion:

  • LaDestroyer

    Kiss of the Damned deserved a spot here, though! Look at it:

  • SaltSlasher

    When I see that image of “World War Z”, I ask myself how duck tape and magazines could save you from that?!?

    This is why I don’t like “Super Genome Soldier” type zombies, with triple strength and agility than the best human beings. If were talking “Walking Dead” then Duck Tape is perfect idea, but I mean come on, it wouldn’t work with these zombies who can stack on top of each other like ants!

    Anyways, Evil Dead and Almost Human are clear cut winners. Personally I hate seeing all the “indie awards” on covers like that on Maniac, or else it would be top 3. I know what awards you got, I don’t need to see them on your cover art.

  • Mayday

    I really dug the film Stoker, but that poster is awful.

  • 713

    Soooooo… what’s with the Peeples thing? Not a great poster and by the by not a horror movie. Uncomfortable to watch but not in a cool way.

  • mobstar67

    Peeples ??? really ???

  • mobstar67

    oh shit !!! nicely done..yes Peeples!!!

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