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[BEST & WORST ’13] The Best Trailers Of The Year!



Trailers are a tricky art. Show too much and you spoil the movie. Show too little and no one shows up. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need them. We’d magically show up at the movie theater, be seated in front of a screen and watch an amazing movie that we, up until that point, had never seen a frame of.

But the world we actually live in is occasionally not-so-great, so trailers exist. Silver lining? At lot of trailers are badass! Some of them are sometimes (unfortunately) better than the film they’re selling! An effective teaser can often be an inspiring piece of work that you watch again and again.

With that in mind I set out to take a look at trailers released this year that actually got me excited. Funnily enough, a few of these films had teasers that made the best of 2012 list, only to have completely new trailers come out this year that blew the original ones away.

Head inside for the best trailers of the year (in no particular order)!

Mr. Disgusting (Best/Indie) | Evan Dickson (Best) | The Wolfman (Festival Favorites) | Patrick Cooper (Best)
Lonmonster (Best/Worst) | Lauren Taylor (Best/Worst) | Ryan Daley (Best Novels)
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EVIL DEAD – Red Band Trailer

The one trailer this year you could show to just about anybody and get an extreme reaction. Shock. Disgust. Excitement. Even the horror folks who wound up not digging the movie (I liked it for the record) dug this trailer. Masterful marketing that plays right to the gorehounds.

STOKER – DJ Shadow Teaser

More than any of the full length trailers, this 60 second spot scored by DJ Shadow captures the freaky essence of Stoker. The sexuality, humor, horror and rhythm are all here. If I was trying to sell someone on this movie – which I frequently am – I’d show them this.

THE CONJURING – Teaser Trailer

This is the perfect teaser. It doesn’t show us the entire world of the film, instead choosing to focus on Lili Taylor’s character. The one thing this trailer tells us? The movie will be scary. That’s it. And it works.


This is a such a fun, gross horror movie. I’m wrestling with putting it on my Top 10 of the year list, the only thing holding it up would be the fact that it’s not due for release until next year! Still, this trailer expertly sells us on the film’s low budget charms. Fans of Fire In the Sky should feel the hairs on their neck stand up as they watch this.

PACIFIC RIM – Con Trailer

This con footage bests the first Pacific Rim trailers (which hit early last year) by showing us the bitch-slap heard around the world. That tanker ship being used as a baseball bat. That shot alone probably bought the film a million extra admissions.


I’m not just putting this here because I’m quoted in it. And I’d almost urge you to watch it after you’ve seen the film, Cheap Thrills is the kind of greatness you want to experience as a total surprise. But damn if this teaser doesn’t make me want to stop everything and watch this fantastic movie again. I can’t put this movie on my “best of” list because it didn’t get a release yet, but rest assured it’ll be on there next year.

THE PURGE – Trailer

I didn’t like this movie very much, but I have to tip my hat to the trailer which really sells the unique concept behind the film. It’s not the trailer’s fault the movie didn’t capitalize on its more unique aspects! Hopefully The Purge 2 fixes this.