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Mr. Disgusting’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2015!

BEST and WORST 2015 | via Bloody Disgusting

2. February | retitled as The Blackcoat’s Daughter (A24)

There’s nothing better than a movie that resonates with you. Osgood Perkins’ directorial debut had me joining his cult of loyal followers. I am obsessed with February (read my review), which is set at an all girls boarding school where two women are bound together by a series of sinister events.

Not only does February star two of my favorite actresses – “Mad Men’s” Kiernan Shipka, and “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story’s” Emma Roberts – but it’s one of the best Satanic horror films ever. It’s tremendously difficult to portray Satan in a film without him coming off cheesy, yet, February is chilling, haunting, and downright frightening. Any other year, February would have topped this list.

FEBRUARY | via A24

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  • eli

    Watched 4 on this list. Final Girls, WWDITS & It Follows were great. Looking forward to some of the others (The Visit, Deathgasm, Turbo Kid, Christmas Horror Story).

    • killerklownphil

      Deathgasm & Turbo Kid were great. Christmas horror Story was good. One segment just didn’t work for me. Still need to see the Visit.

      • eli

        I have a feeling I’ll end up blind buying all of those. Usually do pretty well in that category & they all look fun.

  • Glad to see It Follows at #1, it’s deserved. Haven’t seen February (not sure if it is released yet) but What We Do in the Shadows is easily my #2!

  • Lucca Cantisano

    I need to watch February NOW! Since the first trailer I’m drooling all over this but I don’t think it will ever be released in my country…

  • RawBeard

    really want to watch The Final Girls and February. It Follows is definitely on my Top 10 Films of 2015 (not just Horror)

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Not to hype it up, bu The Final Girls was incredibly amazing, IMO 🙂

      • David

        I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Final Girls was, to me… a FUCKING masterpiece. I absolutely loved it.

      • RawBeard

        damn you… in a good way 🙂

      • CTHL

        Thought it was extremely meh myself… to each their own.

        • Chrissie-Watkins

          Yes- “IMO” means “In My Opinion”

          • CTHL


          • Chrissie-Watkins

            LOL! Fair enough.

        • Hal Sutton

          I thought is was totally and absolutely without a doubt 100 percent no questions asked mildly tolerable. Extremely Meh, is my favorite comment on BG in 2015.

  • sliceanddice

    wwdits is perhaps my film of the year… horror or otherwise.

  • David

    Would Scouts Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse count on this list? It should because THAT movie was a total badass fun movie. I absolutely loved that one too.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    That gif from Deathgasm is everything.

    • killerklownphil

      Yes. Yes it is.

    • Hal Sutton

      yeah, my buddies mom is pissed. she’s been lookin’ for that thing all week. real uptight this week.

  • Rob8891

    I’m trying to figure out how A Christmas Horror Story made your list. What about Goodnight Mommy, Bone Tomahawk, & We Are Still Here? Also If you include February (a film that played at festivals only) I take it you didn’t see The Witch, He Never Died or Before I Wake.

    • garmcm

      That’s exactly what I was thinking and two of those three films sprang to mind, GM and BT. How could I forget WESH. The other one that came to mind not included on the list is The Boy. But I guess everything is subjective and depends on the person’s taste. However, the only film I’d agree with and would probably leave in it’s place, is It Follows.

      • killerklownphil

        Had to upvote you just for sounding like a reasonably intelligent person. Can’t wait to see Bone Tomahawk.

        • TheSlitheryDee

          Bone Tomahawk was awesome.

          • killerklownphil

            Finally saw it! It was great!

        • SugarShane333

          It’s my favorite of the year.

    • TheSlitheryDee

      I agree with all but Goodnight Mommy. I was severely disappointed there.

  • Let_there_be_rock

    horrible list

  • Kyle Ord

    The visit and nightmare????

    Yeah I don’t agree with this list


    To each their own

  • Darkness69

    Definitely It Follows on the top spot for me as well.

  • wehoaks

    People didn’t get behind Green Inferno, I think, because Roth just does the same film over and over. He has nothing to say.

    • David

      Ohhhh snap!!!!!

  • CTHL

    Eh, better than your godawful list last year. I can’t hate too much…

    …but I will anyways (cuz it’s fun!):

    Green Inferno was barely even tolerable.
    The Visit was alright but I’d be hard pressed to make it a top 10. I’d call it a top 9 list if it happened to be 10th best :-P.
    Turbo Kid, while utter fuckin awesomeness and my favorite overall movie of the year, is hard to call a horror movie in any way (not as egregious as your picking of Raid 2 last year though).
    The Final Girls was wholly mediocre and extremely disappointing.
    A Christmas Horror Story yet no Krampus? (both would make mine, but Krampus was better).
    The Nightmare was absolute atrocious garbage and one of the worsts of the year.
    And… It Follows is just overrated. It’d still make my list, but there were better. Whatever though, I’m ok with that one.

    Me, replacing the 4 (5) that shouldn’t be there: The Hallow, Krampus, We Are Still Here, Bone Tomahawk, and honorable mention to Crimson Peak (very disappointing that it wasn’t something more, but still good for what it was).

    • Lol

      Notice they’re all indie-esque movies. Mr. D hates the big budget movies.

      • TheTwoJakes

        Right? No Hallow? Great movie with a great performance by Bojana!

        • CTHL

          Well now don’t go too far with that… It was far too dumb (cabinet baby) and cliche to be “great”. Was kinda stretching for a 10th pick honestly. On second thought I should take my own advice and make it a top 9 :-).

          Great creatures and effects though.

  • The conspiractor

    It follows won’t even be in my top 10. That film was such garbage, so inconsistent and not even scary. I’ve taken trips to the bathroom that were filled with more tension and horror than that movie were!

    • Demetra

      Then your opinion is unworthy of acknowledgement.

    • Hal Sutton

      Im interested in these bathroom trips. Please, do tell us more.

  • joewaters

    not bad of a list. don’t care to see xmas story or turbo tho but everyone has diff tastes

    • TheTwoJakes

      Highly recommend Christmas Horror Story… I expected it to be cheap looking and just all around another crappy anthology film, I was 100% wrong. The film looks beautiful and every inch feels like Christmas. If you liked Trick ‘r Treat and its interwoven narratives, you will love this movie. Turbo Kid is pretty freakinh awesome as well…

  • Ryan O’Keefe

    Really? Bout to un-sub.

    • Demetra

      What would be your list then? Probably a bunch of remakes and stupid found footage movies like “Creep”

  • Chad Langen

    I knew you were gonna put “It Follows” at #1. That movie was such trash. Seriously, I have never seen something so over-hyped in my life. I was utterly disappointed. “The Final Girls” was 10x better even without the blood and guts.

    • David

      The Final Girls had big balls for a PG-13 movie. I loved it, I enjoyed it & the song Betty Davis Eyes will never be the same to me anymore. I loved how they used it in the movie. Amazing + Awesome = Buy it & support this movie. I already bought 7 (so far) for friends & family for Christmas. People, it was THAT good!!!!!

    • Demetra


    • Razor

      You’ve never seen something more over-hyped than a low-budget horror flick that made about $14m at the box office? I mean, I love The Force Awakens and all, but there are Star Wars branded oranges at my grocery store, so I think we have different definitions of “hype.”

      The backlash to It Follows is so over-the-top, but that’s what happens when any horror movie enjoys even a modicum of praise. When anyone comes anywhere close to their territory, horror fans cut the sleeves off their shirts and turn into total dudebros, “fuck that, wasn’t scary! I’m tough!”

      • Chad Langen

        There wasn’t a single “scary” moment in that film. What are you going on about? The movie sucked. “The Babadook” was extremely hyped as well, and I’m not afraid to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. “It Follows” did absolutely nothing for me. I’m sorry if I’ve crushed your hopes and dreams.

  • joseph benedict

    It Follows? It Follows! that movie was crap. Especially when their big plan is to electrocute it after it had survived everything else thrown at it. Why the hell would that work?

    • Demetra

      We get it. You think you’re being “Trendy” by going against the grain.

    • Exactly, the endgame plan is dumb and childish and the finale is supposed to reflect that. You kinda missed the point.

  • eli

    Hostel didn’t have a mean-spirited soul??? You gotta be fucking kidding me. It was pure nihilistic sadism. It was literally people paying to torture others for no other reason than pleasure. & the comeuppances were a joke. If that movie isn’t mean-spirited, I don’t know what is.

    • wehoaks

      Dude seriously. All of Roth’s films are the same. Snide and unimaginative. He creates a group of ugly Americans and they are punished. Rinse. Repeat.

      • TheSlitheryDee

        You see Knock Knock? Definitely different than Roth’s previous work.

        • wehoaks

          Good to know. Sounds like there is the typical comeuppance aspect though that’s represented in all his films.

          • TheSlitheryDee

            There is. But this one is definitely different. If you go to see an Eli Roth movie, you should know if it’s advertised as gory in any way, it’s only for fans of Eli Roth’s previous work. It’s a simple recipe but hey, so is grilled cheese.

          • wehoaks

            Thanks to the tip man. I will check it out for sure then! Happy holidays!

          • TheSlitheryDee

            Right back at ya

    • TheSlitheryDee

      Hostel was more of an American Pie-esque horror film. Green Inferno and Hostel II were both far more mean than Hostel.

    • Hal Sutton

      Of course my horse?

  • killerklownphil

    Nice list. Turbo Kid is so good. Honestly I enjoyed many of the horror films that came out this year. Can’t wait to check out February .

    • Rob8891

      February was good but in my opinion it’s not the best out of the 2016 releases that i’ve seen.

  • Demetra

    Seriously. I am so disappointed by some of the commenters here hating on It Follows. I get having criticisms on it but calling it “garbage” and the “worst film ever” is such a reach. Really shows you who the real horror fans are and who really has a future in the horror genre. I mean some are calling that Cabin in the Woods kiddy friendly wannabe movie “The Final Girls” the best of the year. Now THAT is sad. Who let’s these people on this site? This is why I hate when a horror movie gets critical acclaim. People go in wanting to hate it so they can feel “unique” and “different” going against the grain acting like they are better than everyone else. Overall good list IMO. Final Girls is alright, but best of the year like some commenters are saying? No way.

    • killerklownphil

      It’s opinions. Everybody’s got different tastes. I happen to think both movies were awesome.

      • Chrissie-Watkins

        Me too!

        • killerklownphil

          I love horror, but the posters here are always angry or just trying to out do each other.

          • eli

            To be fair, that sounds like 99% of message boards.

          • killerklownphil

            Lol true. Every once in awhile I have to remind myself some people have no life outside of the internet.

      • diapers

        When push comes to shove, I will watch and enjoy, to variable extent, all horror genre movies. I like ’em all, love some of them. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and only bash Halloween III from now on.

        • killerklownphil

          Lmfao! Halloween is my favorite movie! Hate Halloween 3 with a passion. I was so pissed when I first saw it. I was only 8 yrs old. The disappointment was real.

        • killerklownphil

          Lol as a kid I was so horribly disgusted by that movie. Especially since Halloween is my absolute favorite.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      It is a reach, but I think BD posters (as with on most public forums) are given to hyperbole.

    • eli

      Their hate for It Follows makes me love it even more. Watched it about 5 times already.

      • David

        My condolences

    • Lol

      Is this Mr. D under an alias? Another BD staffer? I find it amusing you’re going after the posters in the comment boards when the author of the posts has gone out of his way to bash every film he didnt like, and would drive that point home until we got tired of seeing it. Only the guy writing the posts is allowed to bash a film?

    • Pressly Parrish

      It follows was literally nothing. Almost nothing happened the entire film, there were little to no scares, the ambience and the soundtrack were the best thing about the film, Maika is a solid actress but was wasted on the film, was a great starting point for her career but the film itself lacked anything substantial, i get the point and the metaphors blah blah blah, but doesn’t make it a great movie. it wasn’t the absolute worst film ever made, this is true, but it is definitely one of them.

      • Razor

        “Horror films rely too much on jump scares! What happened to atmosphere!?”
        *It Follows comes out*
        “The only it has going for it is the ambiance.”

    • Kyle Ord

      I liked it too but…. Who cares?

      Who cares if others hate it?

      Does it take away from your enjoyment?

      Probably not
      So…. Who cares?

  • Jim Fear

    Maika Monroe was great and the premise was interesting but It Follows was wildly overrated

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    We Are Still Here was great, I thought.

    • killerklownphil

      Yes it was. Definitely in my top 10.

  • Grimphantom

    I’m surprise Krampus is not on the list.

    I keep hearing good things about A Christmas Horror Story also Deathgasm looks like fun since aside of a horror fan i’m also a heavy metal fan. Also consider watching The Nightmare and February

  • oh It follows uh…well I was so disappointed when I first saw it in theaters actually it has only one scene that creeped me out but mostly I attribute the success of the movie to 1. the hype 2. the music cause I have to say is a masterpiece and make the whole movie solid and added that disturbing effect, recently I watched it on netflix and realized it is a ok movie but definitely doesn’t deserves the praises and the hype and the things said in here. And on a low-key note I still believe that has a message for teenagers “Don’t fuck or you’ll die” stay holy.

    • It Follows is so overrated! The movie isn’t bad or good, It’s a normal movie! I think they can do a prequel better and scarier.

    • Darnell

      I didn’t like It Follows the first time I saw it. I liked it more when I saw it the second and third time. Now it’s one of my favorite movies. It’s frustrating because it could have been a masterpiece. There were some miss opportunities in it.

  • maymay74

    I’m dying to see ‘February’. But I disagree on ‘The nightmare’, while I enjoyed the film, it gets too repetitive. Maybe ‘We are still here’ was a better choice.

  • David Angle

    Sorry but this list was a piece of crap. I LOVED The Final Girls and you disliking it for lack of violence is incredibly stupid. It’s PG13 for one. Two how can you dislike this film when there’s The Ring that has like 3 to 4 deaths overall?

    • La Molcajete

      Maybe cuz the ring was an actual horror film

  • My top 5 movies are:

    1- Crimson Peak

    This is more a thriller with fantasy elements than a horror movie but it was one of the best movies of the year, I think it deserves some nomitations for the Oscars.

    2- Green Inferno

    I don’t like Eli Roth, but Green Inferno is a good movie! I’m so excited about the sequel.

    3- The Visit

    This movie is the proof that some “PG-13” movies can be good and scary! I enjoyed a lot.

    4- The Final Girls

    Okay, It’s not a masterpiece but it’s movie with a curious concept! I liked, but would need the “R” to be better.

    5- Kristy
    I enjoyed a lot! The story is cliche but the action never stops, will hold you until the end.

    • Justyn Schwoegler

      I thought Crimson peak was amazing and is my best horror movie of the year, haven’t seen kristy, green inferno, or final girls I will and the visit was good.

  • OceanSlaughter


  • ThunderDragoon

    Krampus deserves a spot on this list.

  • astronauta69

    It Follows is awesome

  • Top spot for me is neck and neck between It Follows and The Witch.

  • Dan.germouse

    Where is Starry Eyes?, so much better than the overhyped ‘It Follows’.

    • CTHL

      Not where but when… and the answer is last year.

      Don’t think I’d say it was better anyways, but closer than the IF hype makes it out to be. Both good, neither great.

    • La Molcajete

      Starry Eyes wasn’t that good unless you’re looking for gross shit

    • Darnell

      It Follows was probably my favorite horror film of the year. I didn’t care for Starry Eyes. It was pretty crappy but I guess it was ok if you are a gore hound.

    • ModerndDayPhilosopher

      It Follows was soo overhyped!

    • abyx34

      I didn’t enjoy Starry Eyes that much, liked It Follows better, I gave both movies 6/10.

  • Jason Hobbs

    For there are to many good films missing zombevers we are still here Charlie’s farm the gift and I know I’m missing a few more

  • Jason Hobbs

    Alright let’s continue we are missing backcountry bone tomahawk bound 2 vengeance the editor girl house good night mommy and let us pray

  • J Jett

    for me–top 3 are…

    -LET US PREY (with Pollyanna McIntosh)
    -EXTINCTION (with Matthew Fox & Jeffrey Donovan)

    i really liked these 3 as well…

    -MAGGIE (with Abigail Breslin & Arnold Schwarzenegger)

    i want to add KRISTY to this list but i’m not sure if it was technically released here in the states in 2014 or 2015.

    • Darnell

      Kristy was ok. Not sure why it is getting so much hype. It was pretty ridiculous but I have seen worse. We Are Still Here is another one that was decent but nothing special.

      I need to watch Let Us Prey.

      • ModerndDayPhilosopher

        Let Us Prey was okay…

  • Slow year for horror, last year I could easily name 20 great movies, this year I had trouble with 10. I would have put Creep, Bone Tomahawk and Goodnight Mommy in that list replacing a lot of weak entries especially in the last spots.

    • La Molcajete

      Go ahead and name your 20 from last year

      • Here we go:

        The Sacrament
        Cheap Thrills
        A Girls Walks Home Alone at Night
        The Borderlands
        The Taking of Deborah Logan
        The Town That Dreaded Sundown
        Wolf Creek 2
        Willow Creek
        Starry Eyes
        Late Phases
        Under The Skin
        The Guest
        Dead Snow 2
        The Den
        La Cueva
        The Babadook
        Over Your Dead Body

        Not a lot of them are as good as The Babadook, but even my least favorite (Deborah Logan) is a very decent little horror movie.

        • abyx34

          Sigh, a bad year for horror movies.

    • killerklownphil

      I thought this year was pretty awesome.

    • ModerndDayPhilosopher

      Ding Ding DIng, we have a winner! Definitely agree Creep and Goodnight Mommy definitely deserved to be on this list.

  • The D

    Question to the Bloody Disgusting peoples: How do you all prefer to look at a film’s “release date?” Do you go by when it hits the festival circuit… even if that means it won’t see a release to the general public for quite some time? Or do you go by when a film gets that initial public release via either theater or BD and Blu Ray?

    I ask because I remember seeing IT FOLLOWS on some 2014 best lists even though it wasn’t “out.” On THIS particular list, we have films like FEBRUARY and THE WITCH… Would you all say those or “2015” movies, or would any of you venture to put those movies on a 2016 list? Just wondering.

    • killerklownphil

      I usually go by when it’s released to the public. I don’t care that festival films make it on these lists. Gives me films to look out for.

    • Kyle Ord

      Only movies released to the public are aknowlege in my opinion.

      Adding a movie to a best of list when it isn’t even it for the public to see is just advertising for said movie.

  • Justin Metcalf

    So many people hating on It Follows. So many dumbasses who wouldn’t know great cinema if it bit them on their stupid faces.

    That being said, I appreciate this list. Going to check out some of these other films that I haven’t seen yet. February sounds really intriguing.

  • PsychoMantis18

    Turbo Kid may be gory but it’s not a horror film.

  • Bluegrasslass

    Did you not get ‘The Canal’ in the US? It scared the crap out of me!

    • It came out last year, so it doesn’t qualify for lists this year. It made it on my “Most Disappointing” and “Most Disturbing Moments” lists from last year though. =)

  • PsychoMantis18

    Brad still hasn’t identified any actual plot-holes in It Follows, but his stupidity allows him to believe he has. Similar to how his arrogance has him making predictions about the timelessness of certain films that satisfied his juvenile tastes.

  • Lucca Cantisano

    The Green Inferno was bad, and I say that as someone who loves the italian cannibal flicks. Inferno was extremely uninsteresting, the shock scenes were quite ok (only the first one was actually any good), pretty much everything was uneven and the “message” Roth tried to convey was really disgusting. Films like Cannibal Holocaust are edgy, they feel like something you shouldn’t see, while Roth’s film is just a childish wannabe…

  • tbaio

    Good list (although I would have added Creep to it). I have not heard of February but will be seeking it out.

  • ModerndDayPhilosopher

    It Follows is about the ghostly manifestation of an STD… It reads like a PSA against teen sex… Big whoop

    • Chamber

      You have obviously never seen it. Please refrain from giving your opinion on what you know nothing about.

      • ModerndDayPhilosopher

        I did see it, lol. If you can see that then you’re brainwashed by the hype.

    • DeadInHell

      It only reads that way if you’re an idiot.

  • Will Seamon

    Really happy to see It Follows at the number one spot!

  • Derek Behrends

    I would definitely replace some of these with Tales of Halloween, Maggie, The Hallow, and for decent studio horror probably Lazarus Effect and Insidious 3 in the lower spots. I have not seen The Witch but based on all the praise I’m shocked it’s not on here.

    • Corey Hutton

      Lazarus Effect and Insidious 3. You instantly make yourself out to be an idiot.

      • Derek Behrends

        Don’t get your panties in a bunch, I literally separated my favorite horror from favorite studio horror. With all the crap released in theaters, Insidious 3 and Lazarus Effect were scary and well made.

  • Evan3

    Cool list, though I can never accept any work of Shyamalan’s made post-Unbreakable as good, let alone great enough to take a top-10 spot (where was the Witch?).

  • Polsdofer

    Holy shit, so many new movies to watch, from the comments to this article. I gotta write this shit down. By the way i saw Krampus today and thought it was really good, it’s probably to close to the end of they year to be on this list, unless you didn’t like it.

  • Jeff Dees

    Really?? It Follows is your number one??? Ill give u that it was a new concept which is good and ridiculous (the part where he mentions it gets passed on from having sex got a good chuckle out of me and others in the theatre) but its not as great as so many reviews say it is. I just dont get yours and others love of this movie, I really dont

    • abyx34

      it follows was a little better than mediocre, but the babadook got to be the worst.

  • Corey Hutton

    Your list is full of gimmes and a few completely overrated movies. Green Inferno sucked. It was full of terrible, annoying characters and stupid plot elements. a complete waste of time. It Follows was a good concept that fell on it`s fucking ass and only had a few good scenes. But hey, Go Figure Mr. Disgusting liked some shitty movies. His opinion was probably bought.

    • NewDemons13

      These are what we call opinions, Mr. Hutton. You see, everyone has one and has the right to express them as they see fit. Just like everyone has an asshole and can choose to act like one, too. Just like you are right now 🙂 Merry Christmas, you whiny jerk.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Yeah you are right, Mr Disgusting is totally bought off by big horror! Ha ha. If you made a top ten what movies would you put in place of the ones you mentioned you thought were terrible? Good luck this better be good……..

  • shawn lawson

    Wheres Ridley Scott? Hes a wickled duchebag. Havent seen green inferno yet but dyin…… Watched we are still here last night. Not impressed. Couple scares, couple gore scenes…. Meh

  • shawn lawson

    Besides what we do in the shadows..not lookn forward to anything. Im one to jump on it follows. Movie is crepy and effective

  • WordsWithSam

    Being aware of sleep paralysis certainly makes you more likely to experience it. That much has been proven. It’s actually fairly common. I remember telling my dad about my experiences with it and he told me he had very similar nights in his bedroom as a kid. The same red eyes peering through the closet door actually. I got bored with The Nightmare and turned it off, despite being heavily interested in the topic. All of the subjects were too corny for me. And they acted as though they were chosen ones for having experienced sleep paralysis.

  • WordsWithSam

    Also, Eli Roth and his xenophobia needs to cut it out. It’s getting really tired. First Europe gets trashed in the Hostel films. Then Chile in Aftershock (seriously, an entire prison breaks free and there’s not a single law enforcement officer in the entire city?). Now, it’s the Amazon with The Green Inferno. Every film is the same “spoiled, shitty white people go on vacation (or relief trip) and die in sadistic ways at the hands of scary foreigners. Has he been to any of these countries or did he have a scary encounter with Mickey Mouse at Epcot Center and swore off the rest of the world when he was a kid? So stupid.

    • I’d love to see him make a film about the Mickey Mouse experience. That I would pay to see

    • g-g-g-ghost!!!

      Wordswithsam ur racism is some of the absolutely most rabid kind I have ever encountered. You “hate niggers, chinks, brown and red Indians, oh, and did I mention niggers?” Are you serious?

      • WordsWithSam

        What on earth are you talking about? I’m commenting on Eli Roth’s filmography and how every story tells the tale of white people traveling to a foreign country and getting mutilated in some way or another. I’m suggesting that Roth is the one with the issues. Not sure how you could have possibly misconstrued that for racism on my part as it could not be the furthest thing from the truth.

        • g-g-g-ghost!!!

          Eli Roth is a horrible director. His films are trash. And your point is well taken. It never occurred to me but you may be onto something. As the world gets smaller, these types of interactions are inevitable. But Roth is a horror director, how else do you think he would interpret the mood of American interactions with forgeiners? In the 70s and 80s teenagers who went on summer vacations to have sex and drink beer were tortured by vengeful spirits i.e. Jason Voorhees, Leatherface et al. How is this any different? It’s not! The idea is the same: the world is a scary place, and those people who venture out into it, esp. those whose motives are not entirely wholesome, risk life and limb.

  • Adrienne Santiago

    I’m a little disappointed that Pod or Creep did not make this list…however, The Green Inferno was definitely a good time. Not as gory as I had anticipated, but I loved every moment 🙂

    Side note: super excited for Deathgasm.

  • chien_clean

    Green Inferno was pretty average. It feels like everything was in the movie to put it into an extreme path, added the shocking moment. But whether if it’s cause the characters don’t connect or not you quickly feel numb to it all. It fails in connecting to it all.

    But I’m pumped for A Christmas Horror Story after this.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    For a long time people have been calling out Mr. D for not being worth his salt…needless to say this list just adds to the evidence that it’s true. Mediocrity and paid promotion thy name is Mr. Disgusting.

    • wehoaks

      The new layout and AD based content solidifies it.

  • Luke

    Bone Tomahawk was one of the best movies of the year, period.

    • Nour Gharbi

      Bone Tomahawk is a horror masterpiece!

  • Blah Blah

    Wow your list is utter crap.
    What qualifies you to rate anything?
    I would listen to a chimp throwing his own poop at a wall first.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      What would your list be?

    • shazwagon

      Actually, you yourself sound like a chimp throwing his own poop at a wall.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    I thought 2015 was a much better year for horror than 2014 but after being reminded of all the good flicks this year I think this was actually a great year for horror. Especially horror/comedy we had 3 cult classics at least this year ( Deathgasm,Final Girls,What We Do In The Shadows) Those are all movies I will watch again and again for years to come. It Follows was incredible too. Mr Disgusting is right it will age like fine wine.

  • chris

    HOW IS IT FOLLOWS CONSIDERED A GOOD MOVIE!!! i was looking forward to it for a long time coming, ever since i seen the trailer. and it just turned into such a terrible movie. everyone needs to stop giving this garbage praise. your list should of titled (im pulling these reviews out of my ass)

  • LA_F£@R €

    February (The Blackcoats Daughter) was complete ass! I am always on the hunt for good horror but it completely let me down.

    • Rod Lewis

      Brilliant film

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