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Mr. Disgusting’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2015!



BEST and WORST 2015 | via Bloody Disgusting

2. February | retitled as The Blackcoat’s Daughter (A24)

There’s nothing better than a movie that resonates with you. Osgood Perkins’ directorial debut had me joining his cult of loyal followers. I am obsessed with February (read my review), which is set at an all girls boarding school where two women are bound together by a series of sinister events.

Not only does February star two of my favorite actresses – “Mad Men’s” Kiernan Shipka, and “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story’s” Emma Roberts – but it’s one of the best Satanic horror films ever. It’s tremendously difficult to portray Satan in a film without him coming off cheesy, yet, February is chilling, haunting, and downright frightening. Any other year, February would have topped this list.

FEBRUARY | via A24

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