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Ranking the 10 Worst Horror Movie Remakes!



Worst Horror Remakes

By now, many of you have probably watched the trailer for (or seen) the Cabin Fever remake. I’m not one to hate on remakes at all, but that trailer did not do much to inspire confidence that this will be that different from the original 2002 film (and apparently it’s not). Still, I will withhold judgment until I finally get around to seeing it (I’m a little late to the party). At best it will be a successful experiment to see how two different directors interpret the same script and at its worst it will be a misguided and missed opportunity to improve upon the original film. That being said, it’s time for the obligatory “worst remake” post! Here are my 10 least favorite below. Which are yours?

10. Psycho

This one is a tricky one, because technically it’s not a bad movie. It is a lazy remake/plagiarism in the sense that the film is a shot-for-shot replication of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece (barring the addition of Norman’s masturbation scene and a handful of modern updates to the script). If anything, Gus Van Sant’s(!) Psycho showed everyone how pointless a shot-for-shot remake is, and enforces the idea that if you are going to remake a classic then maybe you should change it up a bit.

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