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Trace Picks the Worst Horror Movie Posters of the Year!

worst horror posters 2016

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A poster is the best marketing tool for a film outside of its trailer. I used to get to the movie theater 45 minutes early so I would have time to walk the halls and look at all of the posters for the coming attractions. There’s just something so fun about looking at posters and horror films arguably have the best ones. They can’t all be winners though, as the posters on this list make clear. With that being said, here are (in no particular order) 10 of the worst posters for horror films released this year!

5. The Other Side of the Door/The Disappointments Room

Do you think keyholes are scary? These posters certainly hope you do.

4. Visions/The Veil/Curve

These three posters are joined together because they are for three Blumhouse films that were all unceremoniously dumped on Netflix without any fanfare back in January. Blumhouse put as much effort into designing these posters as they did into promoting the films’ releases.

3. Martyrs

Nothing like showing a shot from the climax of your film! Yes, this is a remake and everyone who is going to see it probably knows the direction the film is going to take, but it’s still in poor taste to show the climax of your film in its poster.

worst horror posters 2016

2. Cabin Fever

Look, I get that Cabin Fever (my pick for worst horror film of the year) went straight to VOD services and no one tried in any shape way or form to make it a good movie, but you would think the marketing team would try to sell the film a little bit better than this poster does. Especially when the original film’s poster (the trees and the house making a skull) was so clever. You can barely even read the tagline on this one!

worst horror posters 2016

1. Cell

Come on! The cover of Stephen King’s novel would have made for a better poster! Whatever this thing is, it’s just awful.

worst horror posters 2016

What were your least favorite horror movie posters of 2016? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Angela M Campany

    I actually liked `The Other Side Of The Door `poster (movie too ) .

    • I actually liked the movie as well. Nothing spectacular, but not the shit-show reviews would lead you to believe.

      • Angela M Campany

        LOL .. i thought i was the only one who actually liked it …. small world ! Great that you were entertained by it !

    • pablitonizer

      I liked it too tbh! It’s a fun ride, and a lot of struggling from the mother’s point of view. The idea was good in my opinion, perhaps not well executed and the main character made me want her to die.

  • shawn lawson

    I agree with the cabin fever poster being terrible. That being said….the other one with the words rotting out that girls naked back….one of the coolest ive ever seen!

  • A2VL

    I like the Visions poster. Doesnt deserve to be lumped with the rest.

  • J Jett

    Trace, even though i haven’t heard of many of these, i agree that they are all pretty bad or at best are very forgettable posters. i agree w/ you #1 choice of WORST poster. CELL’s posters is just so terrible and not even in a good bad way.

  • megan williams

    Today I learnt that the Cabin Fever (2016) poster had a tagline on it.

  • Braker

    Jesusfuck. What’s with you and the putting the end of the movie on the poster? Martyrs? Awful movie yeah, awful poster yeah. End of the movie? Um…what?


  • Freaky Freelings

    Your final sentence “whatever this thing is, it’s just awful” is epic. I agree with your list as well. The poster for the movie ‘Satanic’ was god awful too. I miss the days when movie posters were made with love. The Howling, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Poltergeist, etc.

  • I like the poster of Martyrs!

  • Dr. Decker

    the cabin fever poster is a total lolwtf.
    i mean how can you look at that with the trees going up her nose and think anything other than lolwtf.
    based on the poster i would not want to see the movie. lolwtf.
    “you cant run from whats inside your nose. lolwtf.”

  • joewaters

    There’s obviously no creativity in marketing down in Hollywood. Its just some fat rich kid Photoshopping this shit in one studio.

  • B.

    That Visions poster isn’t too bad.

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