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E3 Is Over! Here’s Everything That Happened



First off, is the above banner confusing? I mean, it’s supposed to be a cowboyified E3 riding off into the sunset, because, ya know, E3 is over. The problem is if that’s the case, then why is the logo facing us? Is it riding on the horse backwards? I guess there are questions we’ll never have answers to, and that’s one of them.

Anyway, E3 is done. It officially ended yesterday — I’m sure you noticed the gradual decrease in news — and since it’s now Friday, that means we have a little less than a year before next year’s event. Because June 10-12, 2014 is really far away, you may be wondering what you’re going to do to keep busy for the next 361 days. Fear not, I have you covered. After the break I’ve collected every E3 headline we covered here on Bloody Disgusting. If you missed a bit of news, or an entire day, now’s the time to get caught up!

Thursday, June 6

‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Trailer Alters History
Many Skeletons Were Harmed In The Making Of This ‘Hellraid’ Trailer
Six Gorgeous Minutes Of ‘Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2′ Footage

Friday, June 7

Zombies And Ninjas Clash In This New ‘Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z’ Trailer
‘Daylight’ Coming Exclusively To PS4 And PC
There’s No Outrunning This Amazing Debut Trailer For ‘Dying Light’
New ‘Thief’ Trailer Steals My Heart

Sunday, June 9

What We Want From E3
Vote On Your Most Anticipated Horror Game!

Monday, June 10

Aiden Puts Away Human Traffickers In New ‘Watch Dogs’ Trailer
Bigger ‘Minecraft’ Coming To Xbox One
Fight And Die So You Can Come Back And Fight Again In ‘Dark Souls II’
This Next-Gen ‘Halo’ Looks Incredible
‘Dead Rising 3′ Revealed, Coming Exclusively To Xbox One
‘Sunset Overdrive’ Brings Cartoony Co-Op Monster Slaying To Xbox One
Xbox One Coming In November, Price Tag Revealed
EA Shows Off ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Due Fall 2014
A Brief Teaser For ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’
‘Mirror’s Edge 2′ Sprints Onto Next-Gen Consoles… When It’s Ready
You Can Get A Smaller Xbox 360 Right Now
‘TitanFall’ Brings Jet Packs, Big Guns And Even Bigger Mechs
‘South Park: The Stick Of Truth’ Coming This Holiday
It’s Survival Of The Fittest In Ubisoft’s Apocalyptic RPG ‘The Division’
Sebastian Gets Chainsawed In First ‘The Evil Within’ Footage
Sony Reveals The PS4 Console!
Hunt Werewolves In ‘The Order: 1886′ Exclusively On The PS4
‘Outlast’ Is A PC And PlayStation 4 Exclusive
PS4 Supports Used Games, Price Revealed

Tuesday, June 11

Ellen Page Gets Put Through The Ringer In This ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Trailer
‘Mad Max’ Is Announced, And The Wasteland Will Never Be The Same
There’s Quite The Bounty On Batman’s Head In ‘Arkham Origins’
‘Killer Instinct’ Is Back!
‘Dead Nation’ Coming To PlayStation Vita
Five Lives Collide In First ‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’ Trailer
Bungie Has Blown My Mind With This ‘Destiny’ Footage
This ‘Infamous: Second Son’ Trailer Is Pretty Freaking Awesome
‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Will Launch With PS4
This ‘Bayonetta 2′ Trailer May Cause Seizures
‘Mario Kart 8′ Speeds Onto Wii U Early Next Year
Limbs Will Fly In These New ‘Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z’ Videos
‘Dead Rising 3′ Nightmare Mode, Zombie Behavior Detailed
This Extended ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Trailer Requires Popcorn
New ‘Dying Light’ Screens Show What Happens When The Sun Goes Down

Wednesday, June 12

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Announced To Everyone’s Immense Surprise
What Lies ‘Below’? Lead Me Into The Darkness
‘Diablo III’ Is Coming To All The Consoles
The Jungle Freezes Over In New ‘Donkey Kong Country’ Trailer
New Screens From The ‘DayZ’ Standalone
Which Of The “Big Three” Won E3?
Microsoft And Sony’s Media Briefings In Nine Hilarious Minutes
First In-Game Footage From ‘DayZ’ Standalone
‘Outlast’ Is Shaping Up To Be The Scariest Game Of The Year

Thursday, June 13

Neon Blood Will Spill In New ‘Killer Is Dead’ Trailer
‘Project Spark’ Lets You Build The Games You Want To Play
Del Toro Is Interested In A ‘Pacific Rim’ Video Game!
Nintendo Weighs In On Used Games

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