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Sergey Kuznetsov’s Top 13 Serial Killer Movies!



Sergey Kuzentsov’s debut novel from Titan Publishing Butterfly Skin, hits on September 23rd, and to celebrate the release of this chilling serial killer story, we have the author himself here to give us a list of his top 13 serial killer films. In Butterfly Skin, Moscow is plagued with a series of gruesome murders. Ksenia, an ambitious young editor in the news department of a small but influential online journal decides to track down the serial killer, devising an elaborate website to entrap him and thereby boost her company’s profile. She soon realises, however, that her obsession with the psychopath reflects something more deeply disturbing: her own unconscious mixture of horror and fascination with the sexual savagery of the murders.

Through his riveting plot and singular characters, Sergey Kuznetsov explores the sometimes pathological fallout resulting from our instant connectivity in the emerging world of emails, facebook, twitter, and other forms of electronic “intimacy.” The novel has enjoyed a cult following in Russia.

I couldn’t be more overjoyed to share this with you, so without further adieu, here it is:

Many years ago I used to be a movie critic, so when I wrote my novel Butterfly Skin, a story about violence, love and mass-media, by force of habit I referred to many movies. The most important for me were Aliens and Last Tango in Paris, however my characters mostly spoke about serial killers movies — because of the issues and the plot of the novel. While there were Hollywood movies such as Natural Born Killers and Silence of the Lambs, I later realized that my favorite serial killer films were from areas outside the English-language. So, I’m glad to introduce the readers of Bloody Disgusting my personal list of the top 13 serial killers films which need subtitles for the US audience.

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